New Balance is the 100 year old privately owned, leading manufacturer of high-performance athletic footwear, apparel and sporting goods. While I was the Global Creative Director of Apparel, New Balance surpassed 2.5 billion in sales. I was honored to be part of the creation of a Global Design Center based in Brighton, MA. I was responsible to hire, inspire, direct, and manage our global design team an provided direction to the design centers in both Asia and Europe.

As the Global Creative Director of Apparel, my main focus was to create the color and trend direction for the New Balance brand in collaboration with domestic and international footwear design leadership. Twice annually, I would co-organize our global color and trend week, where our output was a color and trend book that would pass to our design teams. I then worked closely with our domestic and regional designers and all apparel related licensees to ensure our collections were innovative and dynamic, reflected the seasonal color and trend direction, and most importantly, were brand relevant.