While I was the creative director at New Balance, I was given the opportunity to create Anue, a high end athletic collection targeted towards women’s wellness. Anue is a collection designed for yoga practice and lifestyle both on and off the mat. Anue’s success has elevated the perception of how customers viewed New Balances women’s product and voice. Thus, opening doors to women’s New Balance branded product being bought.

I thoroughly enjoyed leading in all aspects of this sub-brand, from creation of the name, positioning, go-to-market strategy, seasonal creative direction, color palette creation, actual co-designing of the collection, styling the photo shoots, and direction into all consumer facing aspects. Anue evokes a sensual connection with the consumers mind and body.

We tell a sensory story by using supple fabrics that feel indulgent when wearing them and created a custom Nirvana fabric with recycled polyester yarns. Visually-stimulating aesthetics, unique graphics, and impactful colors harmonize with the body and mood as it keeps you comfortable during practice.